Amy Wimber Photography | Pumpkin Festival at Oxbow Farm

Pumpkin Festival at Oxbow Farm

October 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


 - Oxbow Farm with my sidekicks -

Today, after 24 hours of cabin "storm" fever, I loaded up the kids and set off to fetch some pumpkins. As we drove to Remlinger Farm, I past a sign that said "Oxtober Pumpkin Festival". Considering I've been to Remlinger a million times and I'm going  for a class field trip next week, I decided to switch it up. I pulled a u-turn and headed down the one lane road to Oxbow. I'm so glad I did because my clan loves to explore. Even though we arrived toward the tail end of the festivities (face paint booth was closed which was  big disappointment for my 3 year old- cue tear fest 2016) my kiddos each hand picked their own pumpkin which they thought was so much fun. If you haven't been to a pumpkin patch yet, I highly recommend taking a look at Oxbow for some harvest activities.

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